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Happy Mountain Kids…It’s What We Do!

Wee Creekers building

Wee Creekers has been providing high quality childcare to the families of Coal Creek Canyon since 2000.  Please call us for availability for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years.  For questions or to arrange a tour, please contact Linda at 303-642-ABCD.

Quality Child Care In our Fresh Mountain Air

Many first-time parents consider finding care near their downtown workplace. We understand the urge to do so. If mom is breastfeeding or if the parents have long lunch breaks, it can make sense to be close. After all, babies don’t know what commuting means. But why expose them to the hazards of commuting when you have the best child care right here in the mountains? You live in the mountains to get away from the smog, crowds, and inherent dangers of city life. Your baby deserves the wholesomeness of your mountain community and the chance to grow up with his/her neighbors and future classmates. S/he should be picked up by you, the loving parent, after you’ve had the chance to make the transition from a busy workplace to your adorable baby, all the while knowing your baby is in safe hands and receiving the best possible care.

 Our Child Care Philosophy

We believe that the two most important aspects of any child care situation are love and respect for the child. If a child feels genuinely accepted s/he will be ready to explore the environment, take in new information, feel good about her/himself, and be open to new experiences and social interactions. Children who are cared for with this type of attuned caregiving develop in more positive ways and are more successful in their endeavors, whether they be social, emotional, cognitive, physical or personal. Children who feel good about themselves are happier children.

We support this philosopy with an excellent environment and top quality program structures. Our low ratios and small group sizes are considered “best practice” by the experts and are very hard to find. Above all, our staff are trained in child development and child safety and are simply the best.